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TC Buckenmeier, Crailsheim

Medium-sized Companies

At the end of 2022, the merchandise management system of the chain store "TC Buckenmaier" was completely converted to the advarics cloud solution. Ralph Buckenmaier tells us why, along with how it all went.

advarics - Bekleidungsgeschäft

Why a new merchandise management system?

We want to be a modern company - not only fashion-wise, but also technologically. That's why we've always been concerned with digitization, social media and e-commerce. But connecting the online store via various interfaces was difficult. In addition, our servers required a massive amount of maintenance. That's why we were looking for a modern system that was easy to install and operate and could also be used from anywhere - for ordering, for example. In the end it was clear: it had to be a cloud solution.


Fashion, Shoes

Company size

Medium-sized Company, 150 Staff



Project goal

Faster connectivity, maximum automation, reduced hardware costs.

Save time, money and labour

These were the decisive factors for me: the cloud, and the fast connection for smooth data exchange. We also wanted to significantly reduce hardware costs and the associated expense of updates and backups.   

We got all this, with a software solution that leaves all options open to us. That's why we chose advarics. We started the implementation process soon afterwards, which also went smoothly - in just 9 days, our data was "migrated" from the server to the cloud.

"There are real cloud solutions, the rest are pretenders."

advarics - Ralf Buckenmaier

Ralf Buckenmaier


Everything’s running. Everyone’s satisfied.

The sales staff are all very satisfied and have become quick friends with advarics. The software runs smoothly no matter where. We were a little worried that we might have problems with the internet. What if it goes down? But the system is always available. Working via a smartphone or tablet also works very well.

advarics - Bekleidungsgeschäft
advarics - Bekleidungsgeschäft

We no longer have to worry about backups and updates. It all runs automatically now - without us noticing anything. 

Cloud and WebApp – this is the future. The switch was the right way to go. Financially, too: we have significantly lower costs as far as all the hardware is concerned, and the support costs have also dropped significantly.


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