Thanks to the cloud plus the Web App, your workplace is always with you

Your workplace and all its data, bookings, and analytics, always in real time

available everywhere, on every device.

Why on the cloud?

Every program and piece of data is available to you anytime and anywhere - without needing to access your computer's hard drive.

Not only is your data up to date at all times, it‘s also double encrypted and secured according to banking standards. All this thanks to automatic backups in state-of-the-art data centers that have the latest firewalls and security technologies.

The advantages were clear, so in 2010 we decided to develop our cloud-based software from scratch. Uncharted territory at that time, almost standard today. Well, at least with advarics. 

Everything happens automatically in the background. Just know this: our cloud solutions enable more freedom, as well as maximum flexibility and security. Around the clock, no matter where, no matter the device. 

Why Web Apps - and what are they anyway?

The cloud pipes data in your direction. The limitation is that you either need the right app, or software on the right device. Here, we’ve once again taken a completely new path, waving goodbye to these restrictions with the development of the first web app for merchandise management. 

As a Web App, our software runs on every common and up-to-date browser, and therefore on every tablet, laptop, desktop and smartphone. Updates and backup copies take place automatically in the background. No internet? No worries. Our app runs just as reliably offline.

This saves you up to 80% on hardware and a lot of time, because installations, updates and backup files are no longer necessary. 

Want to know more details? Our experts are happy to help you.

Have any questions?

Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions. We’re happy to clarify anything else in a one-on-one conversation.

The cloud always provides you with your data in real time. You should therefore make sure that the entire solution is a SaaS solution (Software as a Service), which is also workplace and device independent. This means that you can access all your data and functions anytime, anywhere, with any device.

Thanks to the Progressive Web App (PWA) technology, Merchandise Management runs on any device - whether desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

You simply activate the hotspot function on a smartphone, for example, and continue working without restrictions. also works offline.

With advarics, this is possible without any problems. In fact, it’s one of advarics‘ main advantages!