Frequently asked questions


No, advarics is billed as a software subscription on a monthly basis, as needed.

Individual software modules or user logins can be cancelled on a monthly basis.

No, it’s charged according to specific needs and time spent.

A telephone hotline, plus updates and services, are included in the monthly software subscription. There are no additional monthly / annual maintenance fees.

Getting started with advarics

advarics.retail (merchandise management software) does not need to be installed. Updates and back-ups run automatically in the background. (cash register software) is installed locally to provide full functionality even without an internet connection.

Thanks to the Progressive Web App (PWA) technology, Merchandise Management runs on any device - whether desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

The merchandise management software is ready for use immediately, via all common web browsers and on any end device.

Yes, depending on the previous system, master data, item data and even statistical data can be transferred. Our experts will be happy to advise you.

No, if we have imported the data from your previous software, this won’t be necessary.

Yes, absolutely. Any software is only as good as its users.

Depending on the software modules used, the size of the project and individual requirements, we create custom training plans for you. These can last from 1 to 5 days.


Yes. In the textile sector we partner with two important clearing centers: BTE and Pranke.

And in the sports sector, with SPORT 2000, ECC (formerly AWNR) and Intersport.

  • Via the advarics integrated photo function
  • Via EDI - article data from suppliers (if the supplier supports this)
  • Professional image data can be imported via our partner "Fashion Cloud" (the interface is part of our merchandise management system).

Yes. Even when offline, offers its full range of functions.

In that case, will continue to work offline with locally stored data.

No, we can flexibly manage all attributes, characteristics, texts and images on the article. But you can also use the online store interface and PIM systems of your e-commerce solution.

All data can be exported independently, without programming knowledge, in the most common file formats.

No, advarics does not require local servers or VPN networks.

Our experts will be happy to advise you and curate a software package that meets your exact requirements.

Private cloud is a service that is fully controlled by a single company and not shared with others. This means that advarics cloud infrastructure in our data centers is exclusively available to advarics customers.

You simply activate the hotspot function on a smartphone, for example, and continue working without restrictions. also works offline.

All known browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, Opera etc.



advarics can exchange real time data with system partners, third-party systems, apps, etc, using state-of-the-art REST APIs. New connections are being added all the time. Over here you’ll find an overview of all interfaces currently offered. 

We support all common EFT terminals to facilitate and speed up payment transactions and prevent errors.


In ISO certified data centers in Germany and Ireland in compliance with all GDPR regulations.

All data is protected by 256-bit encryption, state-of-the-art firewalls and ISO-27001 certified security standards. Thanks to fully automated backups in European data centers, your data is secured geo-redundantly (two data centers, in separate locations that have the same data inventory).

Support and assistance

  • Telephone support (included in software subscription - excluding training content).
  • Online tutorials / manuals
  • Video Tutorials
  • User seminars

A telephone hotline, plus updates and services, are included in the monthly software subscription. There are no additional monthly / annual maintenance fees.

Merchandise management

As a customer, you have no investment risk, no high one-time acquisition costs, and you can claim the license costs for tax purposes over the entire period of use - not just over a depreciation period of 36 months. In addition, the monthly costs are always based on actual demand and there is no over-licensing. In short, you only pay for what you actually use and can continuously adapt your software subscription to your requirements.

As soon as the speed or complexity within your company is no longer manageable with manual processes. In other words: An enterprise resource planning makes sense from the very beginning to facilitate your daily work, to always keep an overview and reduce labor.

Merchandise management deals with the administration as well as the temporal, quantitative, qualitative, and also spatial planning and control of goods within a company.

Basically, there is no real difference. ERP is an international term and stands for "Enterprise Resource Planning". Often the term "ERP" is used when additional tasks and processes of a company are planned, managed and controlled in the software, such as accounting or fleet management.

With an enterprise resource planning system, trade and work processes can be automated, optimized and all associated company areas can be lightened. In addition to this simplification of processes, and the achievement of a best possible overview, there are also cost savings.

You have to make sure that the entire solution is a true Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that also works independently of workstations and devices.  That means that no matter where, when and with which device you are working, you always have access to your current data and the most important functions.

With advarics, this is possible without any problems. In fact, it’s one of advarics‘ main advantages!

For all retail companies that sell lifestyle products (sports, fashion, shoes, accessories or similar) both in-store and online.

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