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Steffl department store, Vienna

Large Companies

As 2021 dawned, the company was looking for a new provider for an enterprise resource planning and POS system, with the necessary interfaces for online stores and CRM software - with better ease of use and professional support.

advarics - STEFFL Außenansicht Logo Fassade

Why advarics?

Two factors made the difference in favor of advarics: speedy data migration, so the business could keep running without downtime; and the ability to integrate Salesforce, the world's leading CRM system, into a real-time environment.

It had to be a cloud solution so that all current data could be accessed, regardless of location and time. Further selection criteria were: a simple and intuitive operation, an attractive price/performance ratio, and better control of marketing campaigns at POS and in the web store.

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Fashion, Shoes, Accessories

Company size

Large Company, 250 Staff



Project goal

Reduce hardware costs, fast connectivity, maximum automation

For example, payment processes at the checkout were simplified and accelerated - for example, by recognizing the status of a customer with a customer card and automatically granting any discounts.

Above all, the testimonials the developers could show, as well as the consistently positive feedback from companies that had worked with advarics for many years, allowed the customer to make a confident investment decision.

More transparent. Processes more convenient.

The latest advarics was deployed: the Progressive Web App. You can access all functions, on any end device, whether smartphone, tablet or desktop. The rental model proposed, with monthly payment and no commitment period, is a cost-effective solution that requires no special hardware or infrastructure. 

The device-independent solution also enables new, convenient work processes. For example, for inventory, item management through to price changes and label reprinting. Existing hardware can be easily integrated.


"We appreciate the effortless access to analytics, and the way it’s presented so clearly."

advarics - Freddy Schmid

Freddy Schmid

Chief Executive

Quick overview for buyers. Quick overview for employees.

The analysis tools are a major strength of the system. "The design is very clear. The way it works is easy to learn. Our buyers spend most of their time on the road, so they benefit hugely from mobile access to the system," comments Heinz Hagenbuchner, project manager at STEFFL.  

advarics - STEFFL Innenansicht
advarics - STEFFL Innenansicht

During the training sessions held as an introduction to the new software, the employees were able to see for themselves how simple and straightforward it is. Hagenbuchner comments: "That's the most important thing in a normal working day. Getting into it quickly, not having to think about it for a long time, and seeing everything at a glance: That is the great advantage of the advarics solution."

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