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PER LEI, Esslingen

Medium-sized Companies

PER LEI is an owner-managed shoe retail store with two branches. The high-quality product range has now become fully established in the region, so that the company expanded very soon after it was founded. There are currently 7 employees working in the two branches.

The search for the perfect merchandise management system

Since the 1990s, PER LEI has repeatedly tried out new POS systems and merchandise management software. It was not only the internal requirements that became increasingly complex. It was also not always easy to meet government requirements. In short, the long search led to unsatisfactory partial solutions that were soon outdated. 



Company size

7 employees



Project goal

A future-proof, comprehensive solution 

From the ancient solution straight to the future

PER LEI has actually switched from an "antique cash register solution" to a more modern system. Despite the new range of functions, the company was still not satisfied. What was missing were the clear advantages of a cloud-based solution: location-independent, real-time, detailed analyses. So the decision was clear: modernization. And implement another new system.

This is how advarics came to the company's attention in 2020. The possibilities of advarics were immediately convincing. But then came corona and the introduction of advarics was delayed because PER LEI itself did not know what the future would look like. Fortunately, the company moved forward and the advarics modular software system was successfully introduced in May 2021. 

"A great system that would make everyday work easier for many shoe retailers."

Achim Scharer

Managing Director

Complete bundle of functionality, innovation and service

The implementation was easier than expected. Mainly because advarics and the project manager took on a great deal. All users were introduced to the new system step by step. It is now impossible to imagine life without advarics: always the perfect overview, individual analyses in real time and fast access from anywhere – even when visiting trade fairs and, of course, across all branches. Another benefit: the multiple interfaces, especially those to the online store. The connection and data exchange within the merchandise management system runs smoothly and is done quickly.  

If problems rarely occur, but they do, the support team or the project manager is always on hand. Here, too, advarics works seamlessly and absolutely reliably.  

A perfect overall package.


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