Success Stories

Modehaus Kolossa, Niendorf

Medium-sized Companies

Kolossa is a medium-sized company with three branches and 80 happy employees. Because "happiness" is the most important component of the company's corporate culture.

Before: New system, old problems

The old merchandise management system had been in use for 15 years and was therefore no longer up to date. Switching to the new system from the same provider brought anything but new solutions. Rather, it brought new problems: the costs skyrocketed and the problems increased instead of decreasing. After two years, enormous costs and even more trouble with the new, immature goods management system, the decision was made to switch again.

Jörg Kolossa had learned a lot from the old mistakes. One thing above all: they need a solid, future-proof solution that can evolve with the times and the company. As luck would have it, advarics' solutions were presented at a unitex event.


Fashion, Shoes, Accessories

Company size

Medium-sized Companies, approx. 80 staff



Project goal

New workflows, reliable and mobile

After: Small company, big advantages

advarics was convincing in several aspects: all data in the cloud, access from anywhere, no expensive servers, the fair rental model and everything you need in one system: merchandise management, analyses, CRM and much more. This made the decision to switch to the advarics software system really easy.

"Especially in the purchasing we were able to the processes massively simplified."

Jörg Kolossa

Managing Director

Fast implementation, short adaptation phase

All in all, it only took three days to set up and implement the system. After a short training session, the team was excited and ready to go. 

The fast and perfect connection to the existing customer app and various marketplaces simplifies work immensely today and enables new, comfortable workflows. Thanks to seamless data exchange, automatic backups and full access to all data in real time from anywhere, new and user-friendly workflows are possible. This means that long printed lists for order appointments or trade fairs are finally a thing of the past. Just like expensive hardware or maintenance.

The future can come – or has already successfully arrived at Modehaus Kolossa.

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